Where in the World is Girl in Gotham City?!

Did she move? Die? Commit a crime, change her name, and skip town?!


Thankfully, friends, none of the above – I’m still here, alive, and law-abiding.

I know better than anyone else that it’s been a few months since I’ve posted – around Halloween, to be exact. Which is a shame, because I missed out on ample opportunities to write up the wondrous Christmas festivities, markets, restaurants, food festivals/fairs, and holiday outings going on in New York City and elsewhere! Sometimes life gets the best of us though, and mine has been a whirlwind recently. Between then and now I have:

~Hosted a dear Italian friend of mine on his first visit to the US – and introduced him to American Thanksgiving!

~ Went through the job interview process, which involved lots of long days with before work/after work meetings

~Started said new job

~Somehow maintained a jam-packed social life which included brunches, drinks, movies, and MORE brunches/drinks/movies (thanks, Movie Pass)

~Taken trips to PA/DC and back again

~Got back together with my boyfriend (surprise!)

~Hired a life coach to help me work towards my goals

~And somehow managed to convince my landlords to let me adopt a 2-year-old Chihuahua in our non-pet-friendly building.

giphy (1).gif

Needless to say I’ve been incredibly busy, and all of the aforementioned changes have taken a lot of time to adjust to. I’ve pulled back a bit from social media and it’s been really refreshing, but I did miss the creative outlet of writing my blog (and reading my favorite bloggers!) – and heard from a few of you that maybe you missed it as well (*blushing*).

So before I dive back in to being Girl in Gotham City, here’s a little bit more about what’s been going on these past few months~

  1. I started a new job!
    I left my previous employer to essentially work the same position (Executive Assistant) for a newly-formed team at a very large/old/prestigious financial institution in midtown. If it’s basically the same job, why the move? More money. That’s it.
    giphy (4)
    For legal and compliance reasons, I can’t write specifics about the company, but maybe one day I’ll write a post about a day in the life as an EA in Manhattan as a lot of people ask me what it IS, exactly, that I do (*hint: nothing exciting).
    giphy (2).gif
  2. I got back together with my boyfriend!
    Maybe some of you guessed it? Maybe not? We started seeing each other again in August (I know!!) but kept it under wraps until we were both sure this was something we wanted to try to pursue again. He’s one of my biggest blog supporters and was the one who encouraged me to revamp the site and to continue to pursue writing. 2017 was a battle year for me and I learned/am learning so much about myself through the process. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it if you love someone.
  3. I hired a life coach!
    giphy (3)
    I think some people get confused about what a life coach is. She’s not a therapist, and she’s not strictly a career counselor; what she IS is a non-biased person in your corner helping you make positive changes in your life. As my coach once told me, “I don’t have any personal stake or investment in whether or not you get that promotion, have a successful relationship, or pay off your student loans – which is why you can count on me to tell you the objective truth in a way that will allow you to make effective, positive changes.” Whether it be reconditioning your mind to overturn misguided or potentially destructive thought patterns, or teaching you how to deal with stress/work/relationships/self-esteem/other miscellaneous personal issues you might have, coaching is a very end-goal driven service. I already feel like I’m closer to where I want to be both personally and professionally.
  4. I adopted a dog!
    I’ve been thinking about adopting a pet for a long time – since I was in Italy, in fact. For reasons both circumstantial and financial, I was never able to make that dream a reality until now. I’m happy to say that just over two weeks ago I welcomed this lovable little fur-ball into the family:
    Charlie Brown is a two-year-old chihuahua mix who came to NYC from Oklahoma when he was rescued from a “neglectful environment.” I’m not sure who could neglect this little guy and it makes me sad to wonder what he’s been through, but I guess one positive outcome of it all is that it brought him to me! He’s been nothing but a bundle of joy since I got him. Charlie loves chicken (and chicken bones), sleeping, putting on his coat, and sitting for treats. Oh, and throwing MAJOR shade:
    You will DEFNITLEY be seeing more of this little guy.
  5. I’m doing another Whole30!
    I know, I know – it probably comes as a shock to those of you who read my post last year about my experience with the Whole30 – but I have to say that with a little bit of troubleshooting (and actually reading the Whole30 book) I am having a much more successful round this time. After going through an entire round once before, I now know how certain things affect me, and found the appropriate modifications for myself. The whole point of Whole30 is that you get to know your own body, and I’ve definitely learned a lot about my own since the beginning of this round. I love that it’s only 30 days, and I already feel so much better (both physically and mentally) knowing that I’ve completely detoxed all of the sugar, alcohol, and carbs I consumed during the holidays! Plus the food is, as-always, delicious:

    Buffalo Sweet Potato Chili from @realfoodwithdana

    Orange Sesame Chicken and Broccoli from @cookathomemom

So that’s it for now! More to come now that things are back to (relative) normalcy and the awkward re-intro to blogging post has been written. Extra-special thanks to my blogging friends Isa (from Americanized Isa) for reaching out to me to legit make sure I was okay, to Mary Lane (from New York Cliché) for nominating me for one of her favorite blog posts of 2017 (for which I shamefully admit, I have yet to officially thank her for *hangs head*), and Lynn and Justin (from Mad Hatters NYC) for still being my “blogger friends” even though I took a long break and haven’t been as engaging with the blog/social media world as I would like.

Until next time, Happy Friday! xx


    1. girlingothamcity

      Awww thank you so much, Agness! That’s so sweet of you to reach out. It’s honestly helped me in so many ways…I feel much more calm, focused, and able to tackle life’s challenges…I would definitely recommend it! 🙂


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