Daily Blogging Challenge: Complete!

So today is officially the last day of my boyfriend’s “try blogging every day for a week” challenge, and my first thought after finishing the challenge was WOW, has it already been a week? Time flies by so fast, the more so the older you get.

My second thought is that this has been a lot of fun and I’m not sure I want to stop after just one week? I’m also not sure I want to keep going EVERY single day – it’s hard coming up with stuff to write about every day (or at least stuff that you think people would want to read about).

I also have mixed feelings about the pressure of a deadline. I found that for some posts, it helped me get better at more quickly and concisely expressing my thoughts. For others, especially over the weekend when I’m on less of a schedule, it was kind of burdensome to have to write a blog post at 11pm after falling asleep during a movie (my bad!). However, all that being said, I think the push to be more creative with content and images – if sustained over a period of time – will help me become a better writer able to connect with others across multiple platforms. And all THAT being said, I think my opinion on what it’s like to daily blog should really be taken with a grain of salt – as I mentioned in my first post of this challenge, several others  (including my blogger friend who in part inspired this challenge!) – can give a much better opinion on the exercise since they’ve been participating in daily blogging for many months now.

Moving forward, I think I’ll fall somewhere in the middle – I probably won’t post daily, but I will post at least 3 times a week. I enjoy the exercise of writing, but want to make sure that posts are still (1) enjoyable to write and (2) relevant/high quality. I don’t want to write “swill” (as my dad would say) just so that I can say I wrote something. So with all of that in mind…what kinds of posts do you guys like reading? What would you like to see more of? What content can I bring to the platform that you would find engaging, interesting, or helpful? Your suggestions in the comments are, as always, much appreciated!

(And to the boyfriend – I did it! I was able to write a post under 500 words! ;))

Stay tuned for a special guest post coming out shortly on the blog!


  1. bknbowswbellnet

    Well, I’m gonna just sit back and enjoy your posts as they come. What I like is your sense of humor. I always end up smiling with what you’ve written.

    Liked by 1 person

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