The Best Laid Plans…

Sometimes, when New York gives you lemons, you take what you’ve got and you make limoncello. Other times, it seems like not only New York but the entire universe is intent on making sure you’ve got an entire grove of lemons (or at the very least a giant middle finger).

For example~

Me: I’m going to start kickboxing again; It’s fun, it’s good for my health, and I could definitely start getting into better shape. I’m going to go on Thursday and Saturday this week.


Universe: HA! On the very day thou sayest that thou shalt return to kickboxing, I shall send thy kickboxing studio a burst water pipe that shall send a divine deluge into the entire studio, thus effectively closing said studio for an entire fortnight!

Me: Alright, well, then I’m going to start prioritizing my sleep better so that I get 8 hours a night and am on a regular schedule each day of the week – this will free up soooo much of my weekend time and make me so much happier/awake/more productive during the week! Maybe I can even fit in a Saturday morning yoga class because I’ll wake up naturally early!

Universe: SIMPLETON! I shall send thee headaches, migraines, hot spells and fevers to keep thee awake into the wee hours of the night, rendering sleep nigh impossible for many a week!

Me: Ummm…okay. Well, in that case, I guess I’m just going to start cooking meals again and eating healthier; I’ve been relying on takeout wayyyy too much lately and I genuinely enjoy cooking, and perhaps a better diet might help me sleep better.

Universe: FOOL! You think you will be cooking and eating healthy foods? I laugh in your face! I shall send thee strep throat a week after you purchase your healthy groceries! None of that food that thou hadst purchased shall be able to pass through thy lips and throat…beware extreme pain lest ye try!

Me: Yikes. Okay, well once the strep clears up I’m going to try to be more social and meet new people, plan to go to some networking events and brunches. I’m also going to write at least three blog posts a week, to remain fresh on my writing skills, content, and consistency.


Universe: You still don’t get it, do you? In that case, here’s a case of MONO, loser. Enjoy.

Sometimes life throws you a freaking TON of curve balls and there’s just nothing you can do about it. So while I rest up for the next couple of days (and yes mom, drink tons of water and eat my veggies and don’t exert myself), I’ll use the time to regroup and get ready to tackle everything again when I feel ready. Most importantly, the BF and I have a huge trip to Europe coming up in exactly one month, so the goal is to just get better by then. I’ve been feeling abnormally fatigued for the last couple of months – like even walking to the subway station, which is five minutes from my house, had me exhausted and sweating and fighting all those other rude people for a seat. I mean, I know I need to go back to kickboxing but seriously? It can’t be THAT bad. Turns out, extreme fatigue is a huge indicator of mono and something that could take up to 3 to 6 months to go away. So I’m hoping that I’m on the shorter end of that spectrum…or at the very least, that the acute symptoms go away in time for me to enjoy all of the good things I have (like Iceland, Amsterdam, and London!) stacked up for the end of the summer!

Has life ever completely thrown a wrench into your plans? Have you ever suffered from mono and strep…or both at the same time like yours truly? Any tips for dealing with all of the above?! I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Lisa Pozza

    Aww so sorry to hear you have everything that can be wrong happen all at one time. Take your time healing. I’ve never had mono but strep used to be my constant friend.

    This may sound really strange, but I used to get strep throat several times a year. I had heard a dog can carry the virus and I didn’t believe it. Then my dog passed away and I haven’t had one day of strep since. Hopefully this is a one time thing. If not see what your Vet says.

    Feel better soon 🤗. Lisa

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    1. girlingothamcity

      Thanks so much Lisa! Strep is just AWFUL…I honestly think it is worse than the mono (in my case anyways…I think I have a pretty mild version of mono, from what I hear!). Took the week off of work to work from home, so in one sense I’m really lucky that my bosses are flexible and allowing me to do that.

      That is CRAZY about your dog possibly carrying strep! UNREAL. I would hate to think that my lovable little ball of fur is the reason behind such pain, but you never know! Hopefully this is a one-and-done occurrence.


    1. girlingothamcity

      Thanks girl!! I feel them coming to me already, I am in MUCH better shape than I was on Monday/Tuesday (seriously…you should’ve seen me practically crying on the phone to the receptionist at my doctor’s office asking her if the test results were in, because I was in so much pain…lol)


  2. Mad Hatters NYC

    Iceland, Amsterdam and London?! I can’t really feel THAT bad for you anymore 😉

    I think our bodies try to tell us when something’s off, but we don’t always take the time to listen. Terrible side effect of the go, go, go world. Here’s hoping a few days of rest gets you back to 100% soon, and definitely in time for the upcoming trip!

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    1. girlingothamcity

      Hahaha, okay, fair enough 😉 LOL

      I completely agree with you re: our bodies trying to communicate and tell us to slow down. I’ve been feeling stressed and worn down for MONTHS for various reasons, and I think that’s probably how I became susceptible to the mono (’cause like seriously…how else does someone get MONO if they’re in a relationship with someone who’s never had mono?! lollll).

      I’ve been taking it easy this week and not doing too much to exert myself. I already feel SO much better – thank you for the good thoughts and positive vibes! ❤

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  3. Suzanne Juran

    Sorry to hear about this bad luck streak. I hope by now things are going well with you. Have a great time in Europe. I just got back last week. Had a lovely time. I love reading your posts. They always make me smile—except this last one. I felt so bad for you.


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    1. girlingothamcity

      Thank you so much, Suzanne! You are always too sweet – your support means a lot to me! Feeling MUCH better, thank goodness. My biggest concern was being well enough to actually GO on my trip! lol

      Where about in Europe were you? I bet you got some excellent photos – I plan on taking my camera and making the most out of it, too! Thank you again so much for reading and commenting ❤


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