Cupcakes for Charlie: A Puppy’s Third Birthday

Last week on August 23rd, my little guy turned three.

No, I do not have a secret love child hidden away somewhere (though I’m sure that would make for a salacious blog post reveal). I’m referring to the littlest member of my crew, Charlie the Chihuahua, aka “Charlie Chi,” “Char Char,” “Cheech,” and “Lumpy.”


I’m not really sure of all of the derivatives of those names, but the poor pooch usually responds to each one.

I think.

We’re still evaluating Charlie’s intelligence levels…

Caption Contest, anyone?

Sweetness, on the other hand, we do not have to evaluate – this quiet little lamb of a dog is one of the sweetest I’ve ever encountered. He tries to quite literally merge his body into mine when cuddling, loves nothing more than sitting next to (or on top) of his humans, and almost always asks for extra cuddles. And did I mention this 15-pound wannabe lapdog is the happiest little door greeter?

Except for when he’s being salty, of course…

Okay, none of that is necessarily unique to Charlie, per se, but my little guy certainly has many other quintessentially Charlie qualities:

Resting bitch face.

Either that or he hates me…

His need to incessantly – and vocally – yawn.


A propensity to fall asleep in any given situation, including standing, at the park, at the doggy cafe, watching us eat…

A strong desire to never move, EVER, on principle.

He doesn’t care if you’re going to sit down and quite possibly crush him to death in order to take a little patch of the bed that used to belong to you. This dog does NOT move, and the bed is HIS now.

A strange disregard for technology.

It’s almost like he secretly loathes it…at least it feels that way when I see him jump onto the bed and stroll across my open laptop as if it doesn’t even exist…

A strong need to be right smack dab in the middle of whatever it is that me and and Kyle are doing.

Whether that means putting his head on top of the hands that are currently typing this blog post, or pushing his way in between us when we are sitting and watching TV, Charlie is going to BE there and he is going to be involved. I kid you not- more often than not when we go to sleep, Charlie will start on the outer side of the bed, and we’ll wake up to him having somehow, in the middle of the night, finagled his way in between, right in the middle.

A dog like this truly deserves to be celebrated.


That’s why, for Charlie’s third birthday, we threw him an epic puppy party complete with dog-friendly “pupcakes” from Sprinkles, party hats (that were actually unicorn horns and just PERFECTLY sized for Charlie’s little head), birthday walks, and of course, a “Happy Birthday” serenade. Yes, I’ve become the dog mom I swore I’d never become.


You couldn’t tell it from Charlie’s face, but he loved it. He even loved the pupcake (unbleached flour, honey, greek yogurt topping), though it took him some persuading to eat at first.

And of course, mom and dad had their own little cupcakes…double chocolate for him and double vanilla for the lady…SO good!

I adopted Charlie seven months ago and haven’t looked back since. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, and yet…it still sorta feels like I’ve had him forever. He’s become such an integral part of my life and I’m so thankful to him for the amount of joy and laughter he’s brought. I want to take him everywhere and it’s still heartbreaking to leave in the morning. He’s really one of the sweetest, well-tempered, easy-going, well-behaved dogs I’ve ever had – the complete package!


If you’re interested in adopting a dog in NYC, I highly recommend looking into the rescue group Friends with Four Paws, through which I found Charlie. Their adoption coordinator, Nina, immediately recommended Charlie to me when I told her what I was looking for (a small, apartment-friendly dog that was okay being alone while I was at work and who wasn’t “yappy” as per my landlord’s request). Because all of the dogs that Friends with Four Paws rescues are placed in foster homes as opposed to shelters until they are adopted, the coordinators can really give you a good sense of a dog’s personality before you commit to something so big. They are a great group of people (I’m still friends with Charlie’s foster mum!) and because of them, I have my little Charlie who brings so much joy.

See – he DOES smile…

For more information on Friend with Four Paws, check out their page on Facebook. And for more pictures of Charlie aka the world’s most photogenic dog (obvi), follow him on Instagram.


  1. bknbowswbellnet

    This post got me a little homesick. We left our dog with our son when we came to NYC. We weren’t sure an 85 lb Golden would fit well in a studio. Now we have to “borrow” pats and ear scratches with puppies that live in our building. We miss coming home and having someone so excited to see us, jumping up and down and the tail wagging back and forth. I love it and miss it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. girlingothamcity

      Awww that would be so hard! Sounds like you did the best thing for your pup though…it would be really hard on a large breed to be in such a confined space! I sometimes feel bad even for my little guy and try to take him on lots of walks (even though sleeping truly is his favorite activity lol). It’s really lovely that your dog got to stay in the family with his/her brother, though – that way you can always visit! ❤


  2. Mad Hatters NYC

    That pic of Charlie yawning would be my lock screen, wallpaper and screensaver 😉

    I love this post but it makes me a little sad too, because I miss having a fur baby so badly sometimes. Chloe used to get her choice spot on our bed, except it was ALWAYS on my side! So Justin could sleep as normal, while I huddled in a corner so as not to wake the princess. And yet, I’d sleep a million nights huddled in a corner with her by my side if I could *BRB, going to cry in my pillow*

    I really love the idea of fostering and getting to know each animal well enough to find a good match for them. And I’m so glad you and Charlie found each other, so that we can piggyback on his cuteness too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. girlingothamcity

      I’m so sorry – somehow I must have missed this comment! Anyways, I loved reading about Chloe…it’s so funny how these little fur babies take over every aspect of our lives (and beds), in the best way possible. Charlie literally doesn’t move for ANYONE – to the point that he routinely falls out of the bed because he would rather die than move – but as you said, I wouldn’t trade sharing my bed with him for a million things.

      I am ALWAYS more than happy to share my little lovebug with you – you guys met him on a particularly sleepy day, but it would be so great to do something with all of us and Charlie outdoors before it gets too cold again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. girlingothamcity

      Awww thank you so much! Charlie is (was? seems to be getting better…) a SUPER picky eater so I wasn’t sure if he would eat the “pupcake” or not…but he actually gobbled it up (after a little trepidation, of course LOL).


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