Storefront of Gossip Coffee and Cocktails in Astoria with new sign

Gossip Coffee (+ Cocktails!) is Back and Better Than Ever


New York City has no shortage of delicious coffee shops. About a year and a half ago, I wrote about some of my favorite coffee shops in the city, focusing mainly on places in Manhattan and cute Australian cafes boasting flat whites and locally-roasted single origin chemex brews. I had meant to update the list last summer after trying Gossip Coffee out for the first time, and being entirely drawn to their amazing, caramelly, absolutely delightful iced lattes, but sadly, Gossip Coffee had closed down “for the month of May, to reopen in mid-June.”

Unfortunately, many New Yorkers are used to their favorite establishments being shut down due to things like gentrification and unsustainably high rent. Places I hold near and dear –  a famous diner where we my boyfriend and I had our second date, our favorite pizza place, the Jewish deli where I ordered my first ever pastrami on rye – have all closed their doors, permanently. Formerly white signs touting “closed for remodeling” teeter haphazardly from storefront windows, crisped and tanned and curling at the edges like parchment paper. Everyone knows they won’t be returning.

However, in an extremely fortunate turn of events, Gossip Coffee has RETURNED to Astoria! And just in time for fall. After shuttering its doors in early May (and depriving Astorians of one of the neighborhood’s best iced lattes for the entire summer), the 30th Avenue staple reopened its doors in late August as newly rebranded Gossip Coffee and Cocktails.

As one who has made it somewhat of a ritual to grab a Saturday morning bacon egg and cheese at Brooklyn Bagel followed by an iced latte at nearby Gossip Coffee, all summer I eagerly awaited the return of the shop and its projected reopening in June. Passing by on many a morning, I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the “Now Hiring” sign posted in the window in mid-August. Better late than never!

Interior of Gossip Coffee with pastry display, bar, and customers in line to order

Gossip Coffee came back as strong as the espresso they serve in their (still bangin’) iced lattes. Word from the staff is that Gossip actually partnered with their coffee supplier For Five Coffee to relaunch an entirely different concept: coffee shop meets bakery, café, lunch spot, tapas bar, and cocktail hour. In its former lifetime Gossip paired its hand-crafted espresso drinks with doughnuts by MasterChef-famous “Donut King” Scottish Francis (who has since relocated to the newly-opened Sugar & Water on 23rd Ave by The Bonnie).

Now, instead of doughnuts, you can find a variety of delectable fare beyond the realm of pastries, though if you have a sweet tooth like me you’re in for a treat: homemade chocolate coconut cake and Duchess Cookies abound. Patrons can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and brunch until 6pm, and choose from an inventive menu of delectable fare such as Crème Brûlée French Toast, Falafel Mediterranean Salad, Avocado Crush, Coffee Rub Brisket, and Lobster Rolls.

Coffee Menu behind the counter at Gossip Coffee

For those night owls out there, the new hours (7am-11pm weekdays, 7am-1am Fri-Sun) are a HUGE plus. Grab your laptop or a book and hunker down with a hot chocolate or a cappuccino during the upcoming cold winter months. Even better – grab a couple of friends and have a good old-fashioned conversation at the bar (which now has seating) over one of their specialty craft cocktails.

One male and one female barista stand behind the cocktail bar and prepare a drink at Gossip Coffee

After 6pm, the menu turns to tapas and charcuterie boards, so you can have something to nosh on while you drink. For a more party-like atmosphere, the newly-redesigned exterior provides ample seating in a cheery patio covered by a turquoise awning decorated with string lights. Be prepared to listen to your favorite Top 40 songs.

Outdoor patio with string lights, bright blue awning, and seated patrons drinking coffee at Gossip Coffee

It looks like the newly-conceptualized Gossip Coffee and Cocktails has been warmly received by the neighborhood – it’s been packed ever since it opened a few weeks back. I for one certianly wish Gossip the best of luck (because I really missed those iced lattes somethin’ fierce).


  1. Mad Hatters NYC

    Every time we’re in Astoria, Justin laments the fact that we don’t live there 😉 This post will likely induce the same complaint!

    Reinvention is essential to survival in this city, and it appears Gossip Coffee (and Cocktails) got it right! Looking forward to stopping by the new place sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. girlingothamcity

      HAHAHA, this made me laugh! I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed to having you guys a little bit closer for those weekend brunch dates at Queens Comfort…or even just to pick up Donut Diva donuts at the newly-opened Comfortland offshoot! (Have I enticed you enough, yet?! 😉 lol).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. bknbowswbellnet

    Every time we would go to Astoria, we loved it. We didn’t take the opportunity to spend enough time there. And now, we’re getting “homesick” before we leave because we won’t have a chance to go back. Please keep these posts coming so we can make a list for when we come back.

    Liked by 2 people

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