New York Niceties # 4

In like a lion, out like a lamb…I think that’s how the saying goes. In any case, that’s how the month of March was for me, as I spent the majority of the month–and to be honest, January/February, too–preparing for my upcoming move. My lease in my tenement apartment was up on March 31st, and since October, I knew I wasn’t going to renew if at all possible. Remember how excited I was two years ago at moving into my studio apartment and living on my own?

Well, 2 years, a boyfriend, and a dog later…and I was practically pulling my hair out at the thought of spending another year in a cube. Seriously…family members aka my brother literally STOPPED visiting me because my apartment was too cramped to comfortably house even one person, let alone a house guest, a boyfriend, and a chihuahua. I’ll probably do a whole post on what it’s like to move in NYC and how it’s a different animal from everywhere else I’ve ever lived, but the last few weeks I’ve experienced SO many New York Niceties that I had to share!

A Healing Gyro

Kyle had lunch at a Greek restaurant last week with a new friend and business contact of his…on the same day that I had a REALLY severe, bad reaction to a new migraine pill that my neurologist prescribed. I came home early from work and felt REALLY bad (like…almost called 911 bad…). Kyle was home for a little bit to force water down my throat take care of me, but then went out to meet this new friend. A few hours later, Kyle came back with a delicious gyro – his friend sent him home with one just for me as a “feel better” gift! And honestly…I felt SO.MUCH.BETTER after eating that gyro…it seriously gave me life.

A Helping Hand

I was walking home from the subway during rush hour, which as you all know is my favorite time to be alive [heavy sarcasm implied]. There was a woman struggling to get her heavy grocery cart up the stairs, and while a lot of people just passed her by, some guy in his thirties with headphones in came over, carried her stuff swiftly up the stairs, and then went along on his merry way. They only exchanged a few words but it was sweet to see that while people may seem to be increasingly rude these days, there ARE still good people out there.


My A*M*A*Z*I*N*G parents drove all the way up to NYC to help me move last weekend. Kyle and I wanted to thank them for all their help (seriously, guys! Couldn’t have done it without you!), so in addition to taking them to our favorite Mexican spot and newfound next-door pizza joint, I also treated everyone to Sunday morning Donuts from Sugar & Water, this new donut shop that opened up in Astoria last summer. I’d been itching to try it for a while, and as my mom is a fellow donut lover like me, I figured this was the perfect excuse. On our way back from picking up some more cleaning supplies and light bulbs, Kyle and I popped into the shop and were instantly charmed by the manager (presumably the owner?) and his employees, who were SO NICE and kind. With each donut I ordered, the lady helping us made a point of looking for the biggest, most delicious looking donut, pulling from the fresh tray that just came out. At the very end as we were paying, she silently threw in an extra blueberry cinnamon cake donut for good measure. We walked away with nothing but good vibes and a box of donuts, so we’ll definitely be back.

City Views for Days

My new apartment has views of the city! There are beautiful, wide windows in the bedroom that allow in a ton of natural light, and open up straight out onto the Triboro Bridge. Architecturally, the bridge is beautiful to look at, and even more so at night when it lights up. Off to the left of the bridge, you can see all the way from Times Square up to Harlem. You can’t see the Empire State Building, but that’s okay–you can see both the Empire State and the Chrysler Buildings from the bedroom. I’m pretty sure I could just sit on my bed and look at the view for hours!

It’s currently Friday evening as I write my New York Niceties for the week, and I’m getting ready to sign off the work computer and head out to see a Broadway musical tonight! With so much to be grateful for these days, this was an easy exercise to complete. That being said…it’s not all rainbows and sunshine all the time, which is why it’s SO important to try to find things to be grateful for each day. Kyle and I have made a practice of telling each other before we go to bed either three things we’re grateful for that day, three nice things that happened, or three things we like about each other. It’s a great way to purposefully cultivate gratitude and focus on the positive, no matter how crappy the day might have been.

So…what are YOU grateful for today? I’d love to know in the comments!


  1. Rebecca Richardson

    These are all so lovely!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on your new apartment!!!!!!
    Today, I’m extremely grateful for the appearance of actual spring weather after so many months of cold!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cynthia | Adventuring Woman

    Ah, great post! Sorry it has taken me so long to pop over and read it. I am grateful for my partner, for spring finally coming to Minnesota, and for my cat who is meowing loudly at me right now! I’m also grateful for bloggers like you and what a boost I get from reading posts like this. I love your nighttime ritual–think I will institute that as well.

    Many congrats on your new apartment, with views and everything, sounds fab! I look forward to a post about moving to NYC, too, I always wonder how the heck people manage it.


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