Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Lauren – a PA born, SoCal raised, twenty-something Executive Assistant living in Astoria, Queens and working at a finance firm in midtown Manhattan. I spent four years living in Italy training to be an art historian before deciding to pack up my bags and move to New York City to pursue my true passion – coffee writing!  When I’m not working on my blog or running the office, I lead an active life exploring the city, kickboxing, volunteering at a local theater company, and trying out healthy recipes in the kitchen (Except when there are donuts. I will always say yes to donuts). I believe that life is about progress, not perfection – and that you can choose to find joy each day in one of life’s myriad offerings – be it enjoying a Sunday morning cup of coffee with coconut milk, discovering a hidden graffiti park on your way to work, or bonding with a stranger on the subway when you both realize you’re reading the same book. My goal is to promote a balanced, multi-faceted, and active lifestyle while showing you a snapshot or two of what it’s like to live, love, eat, laugh, and play in the greatest city on earth.




  1. Joyce Reyer

    Hi Lauren- welcome back! If you’re ever around in Seattle with Charlie- let me know! I miss reading from you and was thinking about you just the other day! Can’t wait to hear more soon! Big hug!

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